Burlington, Ontario, Canada


Enter My QueenDom ❤❤❤ Prepare To Be Addicted

Enter My QueenDom ❤❤❤ Prepare To Be Addicted

Enter My QueenDom ❤❤❤ Prepare To Be AddictedEnter My QueenDom ❤❤❤ Prepare To Be Addicted

customize your fetish/fantasy or have me decide for you


my sessions are always sensual/FEMININE and dominant, mild to hard. if its your 1st time or 100th, your experience is very important to me. i love what i do, and i do enjoy it. i want you having the fulfilment you truly deserve, whether you were a good boy or a naughty one. i want to make IT an experience you will not be forgetting ANYTIME soon. i have custom bdsm EQUIPMENT For my submissives and fantasy seekers. I AM always PREPARED for you to enter my world and leave behind that feeling of being overwhelmed. so pick your POISON or have me choose for you.


❤ Tease And Denial ❤

Highly Recommended

( I know you want me, but you can't have me)

❤ Bondage ❤

Ropes, HandCuffs, Velcro,

( Bondage Chair, Bondage Bench, Smother Box )

❤Financial Domination ❤

( Wallet Rinsing, Credit Card Spending, Bank Account Draining )

❤ Power And Mind Control ❤

( Reprogramming you into being a obedient servant. )

❤ Humiliation/Domination ❤

( Physical, Mental, Verbal )

Either way, I will break you

Sensual To Hard

❤ Small Penis Humiliation ❤

( Sensual Or Ego Crushing )

❤BallBusting / Trampling ❤

Mild To Hard

( Flats, Bare Foot, Heels, Wedges, Sneakers )

❤ Spitting ❤

( Always A Fresh Breath )

❤ Spanking

( Over The Knee, Wooden Spoon, Brush, Paddel, Hand, Belt )

❤ Foot Fetish ❤

( Gagging, Worship,  Clean, Dirty Or Sweaty )

❤ Hand Fetish ❤

( Gagging, Mouth Covering, Slapping )

❤ Heel/Boot Fetish ❤

( Smelling, Worshipping )

❤Nylon/Pantyhose Fetish ❤

( Gagging, Sniffing, Worship )

❤ Stocking Fetish ❤

( Gagging, Smelling, Worship )

❤ Sock Fetish ❤

( Clean, Dirty, Sweaty )

❤ Role Play ❤

Teacher, Student, Boss, Employe, Best Friends Wife, Girl Next Door, CEO, Super Hero,


❤ Puppy Play ❤

(Dog Walking, Hood/Paws Provided )

❤ Nipple Play ❤

( Sensual Or Torture )

❤ Tickle Torture ❤

( Long Nails, Feather, Silk )

❤Voyeurism ❤

( At Dinner, Out Shopping Or Outside Of A  Dressing Room )

❤Confinement ❤

( Overnight Available )

❤Sploshing ❤

( Chest, Feet, Legs )

Banana, Strawberries, Cake, Oatmeal, pudding, Chocolate,


❤ Golden Shower ❤

( Shower Or Glass )


( Totally Seran Wrapped )

❤ Public Humiliation/Domination ❤

( Ballbusting, Wallet Rinse, Shoe Worship, Spitting, Dog Walking )

❤ Chastity Training / Keyholding ❤

Training that out of control pecker to not excited, gets pretty difficult at times.

 I will put you in chastity. 

it won't stop you from dripping but it will stop you from trying to play with yourself,

every single day, like a horny 12 year old boy whose mother keeps finding sticky socks around the house.

It could become painful or uncomfortable but that's the whole part of your training.

Do as i say,  listen to my orders or you will be owing me a stroking fee, and a cum tribute.

$150 to stroke 

300 to cum

( Weekly, Monthly, Forever )

❤ Long Distance Training ❤

( A custom training  plan will be put in place for you specifically to fit your needs, and my wants )

• Strap

6" 1/2 To  14" 

Are you a closet crossdresser or fantasy cock sucker?

I bet your still in denial of what they actually are. How do you know if you are an actual fact just a faggot ass cock taker who hasn’t been outed yet?

If you fantasise about wearing women’s underwear You might like the feel, the smell or how soft it is but if you fantasise about wearing women’s underwear when you are secretly yearning for an alternative lifestyle.

No full hetero male wears female undergarments, you constantly find yourself having thoughts about it, you get a hard-on picturing it then you need to ask yourself, am I a faggot?

You think it’s because you like the feel and texture but really you enjoy it because you get off on it.

The whole idea of wearing it, sniffing them or jerking off with them.

Just an FYI Hetero men don’t do that.

❤ CrossDressing/Feminization ❤

 ( Full Or Partial )

All outfits including bra/panties ( Purchased From La Senza )

Eye Lashes

Wigs - Blond Bimbo or Balayage Ice Whore

MakeUp - Eyeshadow, Blush, Lip stick, ( Many Colours )

Large Teddy lingerie ( pink, blue, yellow )

Large Stockings ( white, bege )

Large Full Panties ( pink, white, yellow, blue )

Large Thongs (pink, yellow, white )

Matching Bra/Panties Set ( pink, yellow )

Day in advance booking preferably.

I like my sissies to have their own wardrobe.

I want you to have the perfect outfit and correct size, for the best experience.

If you have an outfit in mind, let me know, and i will do my best to find that one or something close to it.

 We can also go together that is an option.

All outfits are washed after they been tried on or worn.

No Musty Smell Always Clean. 

❤  Forced bi ❤ 

Clean submissive bi male.

 i intend on keeping him that way.

Protection is necessary.

Facials are allowed.

Cum eating is allowed.


• Domestic Servitude Slave           •Coffee Slave • Errand Boy

• Grocery Bitch                 •Shopping Bitch

Now is your chance.

I'm taking applications for specific positions must apply with tribute.